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Candles & Soaps

8oz Literary Candle


Moonlit Moors - Violet, Orris, & Musk flower
Walden Woods - Cedar, Fir, & Pine
Open Road - Meadow grass, sandalwood & sun
The Scarlet Letter "A" - Wild red rose & black currant

Soy Candle

2oz  Travel Tin Literary Candle


Cafe au Library - Chestnut, Vanilla, & Espresso
Walden Woods - Cedar, Fir, & Pine
Pemberley Park - Sweet golden rose, White tea, & Fern


Soy Candle

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4oz Catalogue Candle Tin


Stonefruit - CLASS: Agriculture  SUBCLASS: Plant Culture [scent translation:] Plum, Amber & Black Cherry

Hearth & Hammer - "All of our candles are made with all natural soy wax and are scented with a blend of fragrances and essential oils."

Soy Candle

Image coming soon

Book Lover's Soy Candle


BOokstore Day - Sandalwood, Oak, & Leaves

1840's Homesteader Tapers


A pair of raw beeswax poured taper candles. Made using 10 inch antique tin candle molds dating back to 1840!

Beeswax Birthday Tapers


Hand dipped set of 6 "perfectly imperfect" beeswax tapers. 

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2oz Hand Poured Beeswax Votives


Hand poured sweet beeswax 

image coming soon

4oz Pure Beeswax Candle


Raw Beeswax - warm, sweet, musky. The perfect capture of late summer evenings.

Clove - Raw beeswax, pure clove essential oil, cloves.

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2oz Cast Iron Seasoning


Preserve your cast iron between uses with this all-natural Cast Iron Seasoning. Raw beeswax and organic coconut oil provide excellent protection thats both edible and can handle high temperatures.

4oz Handcrafted Soap


Pumpkin Pie - This scent is synonymous with heavy sweaters, warm kitchens and crunchy leaves.
Harvest - our version of Fall with a bit of woody and warm clove.
Honey Pipe Tobacco - The soap is a light tawny pink with pink kaolin clay and a handful of fullers earth. Sophisticated and outlandish.
Roasted Chestnut Soap - Warm vanilla with sweet cakey undertones wrapped in a creamy white bar.
Black Pepper Cardamom - The combination of black pepper and cardamom is spicy and sweet. Colored by activated charcoal.

Image coming soon

4.5oz Ecocentric Soap


Aloe Agave              Chokecherry Scrub
Lemongrass            Hawaiian Plumeria
Rosemary & Thyme               Lime Zest
Ponderosa Mint                 Yucca Scrub
Black Forest               Tropical Paradise

image coming soon

Ecocentric Soap Sample Pack


Three to Five soap samples. Great for guest use, gifts, or for a multi-person household! 

image coming soon

4.5-5oz Dope on a Rope Soap


Keep your high-giene in check with this must-have soap. Bar is created with 100% hemp seed oil with peppermint and pine essential oils. It hangs on a hemp rope so it lasts longer!






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