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You Are Not Stuck: How Soul-Guided Choices Transform Fear into Freedom

You Are Not Stuck: How Soul-Guided Choices Transform Fear into Freedom

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Publication Date: March 26th, 2024
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A blend of straight talk, humor, and clear steps for action to help change-seekers reset their priorities, drown out the naysaying voices in their heads, and make bold choices.

We all feel stuck sometimes: in our jobs, our relationships, our habits, or when the life we’re living simply doesn’t add up to the one we want. We feel stuck when it seems like we don’t have options, or when we don’t trust or allow ourselves to make the changes we so deeply long to make.

Speaker and yoga teacher Becky Vollmer believes that, when we feel paralyzed by our fears, the answer isn’t just courage―it’s choice. Because we all have choices, we just have to be brave enough to make them.

You Are Not Stuck is the key to breaking the cycle of fear and making bold choices for real change. Sometimes this transformation looks like an audacious Thelma and Louise-style leap; more often, though, it is a series of small, deliberate actions based on personal values that yield more clarity, alignment, and, ultimately, long-term contentment than driving off a cliff.

If what you seek is a tried-and-true process of empowerment that unlocks the true north already inside you, look no further. This book is a unique blend of permission and spirituality that will help you excavate your divine inner badass, close the gap between intention and action, and develop a strategic path forward that’s as unique as your thumbprint.

Through warm and straightforward wisdom, a modern and approachable take on ancient yoga philosophy, a series of practical and insightful grounding exercises, and a healthy dose of laugh-out-loud humor, you’ll learn how to make soul-guided choices in support of the life you’ve desired all along.

About the Author

Becky Vollmer is a speaker, yoga teacher, and creator of You Are Not Stuck, a movement that empowers people to pursue the lives they most deeply desire. She guides a global community on social media that is several hundred thousand strong, teaches online courses about empowerment and choice, and leads sold-out programs that combine movement, breathwork, self-exploration, and action planning at yoga and wellness centers across the country.

A former newspaper journalist, Becky writes on topics including personal growth, relationships, mental health and wellness, mindfulness, meditation, and spirituality. She also is a leading voice in the sobriety and recovery community. Becky lives in St. Louis, Missouri, with her husband, their four children, three pets, and more flowers that one person should be allowed.

Praise for You Are Not Stuck: How Soul-Guided Choices Transform Fear into Freedom

"Each of us has the capacity to choose how we show up in the world, but we need the initial spark of permission to make meaningful and lasting changes. With a wise, practical path for revealing your own courage and grace, this book is perfectly poised to help you make choices―and believe in yourself―with confidence and clarity.”
―Elena Brower, bestselling author of Practice You

"Feeling stuck and scared is a totally gross but totally normal part of real motherf*cking life, and there’s no shame in needing help. We all do from time to time. In You Are Not Stuck, Becky Vollmer holds out a hand―an insightful, grace-filled, relentlessly human hand―to pull you out of the suckery and turn your fear into fuel for bold choices. I love the energy of this book."
―Jennifer Pastiloff, author of On Being Human

"With openness, compassion and earned optimism, Becky Vollmer guides us out of paralysis into action, reminding us that stuck is a state of mind, and that choice is where our real power lives. For anyone needing to make a change in their lives but not sure how to begin, get this energizing and important book immediately and let Becky hold your hand as you discover just how ready and powerful you are."
―Scott Stabile, author of Big Love

"An earnest exhortation to pursue one's passions." ―Publisher's Weekly

"It’s difficult to imagine anyone for whom this wisdom wouldn’t be helpful." ―Spirituality & Practice

"Becky Vollmer has written a brave and deeply wise wake-up call-to-empowerment that will change the lives of every person who picks it up. In a warm, often uproarious voice reminiscent of Anne Lamott, You Are Not Stuck is the book we need right now to guide us through the psychic quicksand that keeps us from moving forward in our lives and fulfilling our potential. I loved it, I learned from it, and I'm passing it on to everyone I know."
―Elissa Altman, author of Motherland

"You Are Not Stuck is both the balm and boost I didn't know I needed. While self-development authors often struggle with the 'how' of change, Becky has managed to turn it art: a practical, humble, and humorous invitation to reclaim your life―instructions absolutely included!"
―Dr. Rebecca Ray, clinical psychologist and author

"This isn’t just another self-help read, filled with the same listicle of pseudo-empowerment tips to manifest your own destiny. You Are Not Stuck is a conversation with friend; a friend who encourages you to evaluate your own priorities, and understand that there is nothing wrong with where you are on your path. Honest, empowering, and freeing. A must-read!"
―Emily Paulson, author of Highlight Real