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You Are a Unicorn!: A Little Book of AfroMations (Afro Unicorn)

You Are a Unicorn!: A Little Book of AfroMations (Afro Unicorn)

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Publication Date: March 26th, 2024
Random House Books for Young Readers
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Tell your littlest unicorn just how unique, divine, and magical they are with this book of affirmations! And celebrate their inner unicorn with the first board book in the Afro Unicorn line.

There is no one quite like you!
You are a very special unicorn.
You are an Afro Unicorn!

This empowering board book is the latest installment from the Afro Unicorn line of books, which features stories about Black and Brown unicorns embracing their outer beauty and inner abilities.

When Afro Unicorn creator April Showers realized that her favorite emoji—the unicorn!—was only available in white, she was inspired to create a more inclusive brand for children of color to celebrate how magical, unique, and divine they truly are.

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About the Author

April Showers is the founder and CEO of Afro Unicorn, a brand designed to remind women and children of color how unique, divine and magical they truly are. Multiple business owner and single mother of two, April started a movement of like-minded Black Unicorns through apparel and accessories in May 2019. In May 2022, she launched in Walmart as the first Black woman & first Black licensed brand in Party Supplies for a major retailer. The Afro Unicorn brand is now featured in stores nationwide with children's apparel, drink-ware, toys, and holiday merch.

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